The 10 Hottest Songs Of Summer

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1. Drake – “0 to 100/The Catch Up”

Drake is global warming. We know he’s coming every summer and songs will be just a little hotter than last year’s but it all feels so excessive and wrong and like the planet is crumbling. Pop champagne to the death of substance. Give it up for the best flow-adopter since Jay-Z. This kid is the fucking Summer League and the pre-season rolled in one because it all hints at a grand album coming from the steady, careful development of his sound.

“Trophies” is a terrific slow burn that’s taken most of a year to really sink in with listeners. “0 to 100” needed no such nurturing. Now we’re showering in it, the inevitable Drake storm that puts other artists in his periphery. And if young Aubrey ain’t your cup of Joe, find the instrumental on a Friday night and go kill the club with all the motivation you absorbed from it.