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Artist/Group Name:


Artist: A.E.,Speedy, & Ice


Group name: THE A’z


Reppin’ (What city you reppin’?)




Affiliation (What crew or artists you roll with?):


Ice:We are affiliated through family… WingTeam Gang…


Speedy:That’s worldwide by the way.


A.E.:that’s us…A’z..if u rep WingTeam u down with THE A’z…and if your down with us…we’re down with you…straight up!


Influences (Who inspires you? Not limited to just hip-hop):


A.E.:My self as my worst critic inspires me…but I’d have to say my mom motivates me…so all the aunties,uncles,friends,and co workers that thought she was crazy for letting me conquer this dream,can tell her…shit girl,u knew it.

as far as Hip-Hop…I look at THE A’z as a new breed…we want to let all the past achievements in Hip Hop be the past and build a future.also the desire to be the greatest fuels A’z…We bleed each other.


Ice: My mom, she rides for me like no other. My Grandfather, who inspires me to be great in life. Musically, The A’z inspire me…if I a crazy verse from A.E. or Speedy it pushes more out of me creatively.we are eachothers favorite rappers.


Speedy:My Mom and Dad as well…our parents really held us down when nobody believed in us…we are forever far as artists everybody contributes…THE A’z just got that shit.


Backstory (How’d you get in the game? How did the group form? What work did you put in before getting signed to a label?)


Ice:We been bestfirends since 6-7 years old


A.E.:foreal,same elementary,highschool,and we dropped out together. fucked bitches together.and when I said dropped out I meant in the 10th grade…we were gone..hustlin!


Ice: That was to pursue this dream full time and those closest to us were fully supportive.


Speedy:A.E. was like we can do this shit. I agreed,Ice agreed,we here now!


A.E.:before we got signed I’d say we were the biggest underground hype in the bay area and beyond. Due to performances,shows,website hits up to 1.5 million hits a month…A gang of muthafuckas are waiting for us…shit,we are too.


Current project (What are you pushing right now? What can people expect from it? Feel free to just hype your album here…why did you name the album that name? Was there a theme? Any funny stories during its creation?)


Speedy:Right now,its all A’z…the album

“City Of Gods:They Dreamed Of Being Legends”

We put 100,000% of us into this album


A.E.:yea that means every word,every addlib,shit…we put our own money into this album…its all about Faith…and we got nothing but Faith.


Ice: Great!everybody in the world should own

“City Of Gods:They Dreamed Of Being Legends”

Its musically in genre of its own and lyrically in a league of its own.

Its motivational,its moving,its triumphant,its real,its love,its money…

I mean damn…its genious!


“City Of Gods:They Dreamed Of Being Legends”

TVT Records 2007.


A.E.: We named the album “City Of Gods:They Dreamed Of Being Legends”…because we feel we live in a world of worship…and we choose to worship our dream and live for it…and we dream to be legends…that’s the key to immortality…to live for ever is to create history for the present time…its been the dream since day 1!


Speedy:We knew it was a classic while we were recording it and if this muthafucka don’t hurry up and drop I might go crazy…the world needs this.




Purpose (What kind of impact do you hope to have on the game? Do you just want to go platinum or is there something more?)


A.E.: We are going to inspire a generation to be them selves and find complete happieness and confidence in who they are and what makes them who they are…but on the surface its goin be Beatle-mania all over again x’s 10…


Ice: like selling out record stores,concerts…even when we fly into cities,they’ll be waiting for us to step off the plane!its WingTeam…and its worldwide


Speedy:We are bringing back that rockstar shit…real rock star shit…


A.E:and we’re talking dark shades and sagging name brand jeans,and tattoos every where…proving dreams come true.


Ice:platinum?…nah…hip hop needs a diamond plaque.

Speedy: We’re talking diamond plus worldwide,cuz they get down outside of what we see


A.E.:they are just as loyal to this shit across seas,as we are here.


Ice:We going to see Michael Jackson numbers.


A.E.:yea…his 1980’s numbers.


Is hip-hop really dead? (Wax philosophical here, break down what you think of hip-hop today or compare it to when you were coming up. Good? Bad? Break it down!)


Ice:Fuck no,-“but if it ever was in danger/make sure u thanks us”“Dope” (track from the album City Of Gods:They Dreamed of Being Legends)

A lot of other older rappers might be a little jaded and unexciting.but we are attracted to older women.


A.E.:Lets pretend hip hop is a woman…and few girls have got lucky with her, but a lot of niggas have had their way with her…of course they’ll find it boring, or in a depressed state of mind,dead.but our goal is to let mother hip hop chill and raise her son to be the greatest…that’s that A’z shit.thats us.


Speedy:cuz today niggas like doin whut other niggas make hot…


A.E.:as if now a nigga got confidence cuz that nigga showed u it was cool.


Speedy:so its stale…nothing sounds fresh…though,few are expempt…but in general niggas got to do them…and not look at doin them as taking risks,but more of showing the world themselves…and that’s what we want…the world to know THE A’z.


Ice:hip hop is fine…we like it…ya’ll like it,don’t front…but u don’t love it…not like you used to…but guess what…THE A’z got you.


Three wishes (If you had three wishes to change anything within hip-hop, what would they be? Bring someone back to life? Get a Kanye West beat? Make snap music disappear?):


A.E.:I would defintely want 2Pac and Biggie to see me do my thang…to see what me and my brothers (THE A’z) brought out of something they helped evolve in such a fatherly role…ya know what im sayin?

I would definitely make all the beautiful women on the celebrity A-List love my shit,and love me..fuck it,that’s gonna happen anyway…we’ll chalk that one up to “self fulfilling prophecy”…

And snap music can go…


Ice:I agree wit the Pac and Biggie,cuz id love to see what they think about THE A’z…even though it don’t matter..they rock wit our shit…

Kill all the shit that’s polluting Hip Hop…there should be like a clearance…like would snap music pass?its coo when females be on that shit.

That’s it.

THE A’z would be all there is.


Speedy: Yea all that shit.


A.E.:did u ask us if there were any last things we wanted to tell the readers


ICE:cuz we’d like to say THE A’z are the Greatest





  1. OMG it’s about freakin’ time! I’m glad somebody’s noticing these boyz “Yadamean” is my jam. Everybody think I’m crazy but these boyz goin blow….

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