The Cool Kids Deliver Some Fire

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Rap duo The Cool Kids has been getting some major buzz lately. After months and months of releasing singles, they finally released their first project, entitled The Bake Sale EP. The EP was sold on iTunes and in Best Buy and other retailers, and actually sold pretty well for the independent artists. The Kids are currently touring all over the world, and are still releasing new material. Their latest venture is a partnership with Mountain Dew, with whom they released a single called “Delivery Man.” Basically, Mountain Dew is supporting their music by sponsoring their creation, and not even getting anything in return. No e-mail required, no payment required, just free music! Download the song below, and look for another Cool Kids project in the works. I recently heard they were offered a 360 by Def Jam, here’s to hoping they don’t take

The Cool Kids – “Delivery Man”

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