The Cool Kids Know The Deal

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Like I have previously reported, The Cool Kids have landed back at Moutian Dew’s label, Green Label Sound, in which:

  • “Mountain Dew is waiving the usual label share of the revenue, leaving all income, minus iTunes processing fees, to the artists.”

This is theoretically an ingenious idea.  Remember how I keep saying your ability to sell tangible products is more important than your ability to sell music?  So Pepsi Co.  just wants to use The Cool Kids’ brand to sell their product, so they aren’t worried with re-couping their expenses on the project.  They don’t really care about making money off The Cool Kids because they are Pepsi Co. for god sake.

The only downside is that Pepsi may be good at marketing and promoting soda, but they could suck at promoting music.  Plus it is kind of whack when you have Mountain Dew’s logo on your single art.  However, people need to at least experiment with things like this because the traditional way isn’t working.  I’m interested to see how this pan’s out.  When Fish Ride Bicycles will be available in Spring 2011 and features Pharrell Williams, Asher Roth, Bun B and more.  Here is their latest leak.

The Cool Kids “Bundle Up”


Also Sir Michael Rocks is kind of killing it on the solo tip on the low.  Check out two joints from him below.

Cold War Kids ft Sir Michael Rocks “Mine Is Yours (Blended Babies Remix)”



Sir Michael Rocks “The Deal Went Sour”