The Corner: Underground Street Rap (Downloads) pt. 2

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It’s been a couple weeks but real street rap doesn’t drop too often. Here’s another dosage of some raw rap. Not all these songs are brand new but you should enjoy them anyways.

The first joint is a song by Big Noyd off his album that came out early this year called Illustrious called “Snitches”. Big Noyd as most of you should know stays in Queensbridge New York City and is a wild as they come. The beat is by one of the most underated producers there are in my opinion: Sebb. Sebb has done work with alot of underground cats from Smiley The Ghetto Child to G Unit.

Speaking of Smiley The Ghetto Child, he is grimey. He was on the first Group Home Album as a youngster, on the song “The Realness”. He’s from the Bronx and dropped an album with Grim Team that was pretty damn good. He also works quite a bit with Dj Premier. Not sure who produced this song but it’s  called “Shot” and is hard.

Next are a couple joints from ACD out of Queensbridge. They did a song with Mobb Deep in the 90’s called “Street Life” that was crazy (which I included below). These joints are both dope. One is just A Dog & is called “You Can’t See Me” and the other is a joint I came across that I’m pretty sure never came out and also has no name. I’m calling it Track 10.

This joint by the NYGz is produced by Dj Premier called “Policy”. So you should pretty much DL it off the strength of that. Peep the Premier produced Ludacris song here as well. NYGz are from the Bronx and are signed to Year Round Records (Premiers Label).

The Last is a joint by The Grimey One, Twin Gambino from Infamous Mobb/Queensbridge called “Hit The Floor”. It’s produced by Sid Roams (the same dudes who produced the new Prodigy album Product Of The 80’s). He’s dropping an album early 09 on Dirt Class Records (Sid Roams & Benny Needles) and it should be crazy. Look out for a Twin interview exclusive soon on as well.



“Snitches”– Big Noyd (Prod. By Sebb)

Preview It Here

“Shot”– Smiley The Ghetto Child

Preview It Here

“You Can’t See Me”– A Dog of ACD

Preview It Here

“Track 10”– ACD

Preview It Here

“Street Life”– ACD ft. Mobb Deep (Bonus Throwback Download)

“Policy”– NYGz (Prod. By Dj Premier)

Preview It Here

“Hit The Floor”– Twin Gambino” (Produced By Sid Roams)

Preview It Here