The Corner: Underground Street Rap (Downloads) pt. 3 (RIP PARTY ARTY)

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Here goes another edition of music that is hard as rocks.

If you haven’t noticed I think Un Pacino is the future. He’s from Far Rockaway Queens. His group is called Hard White and he gets a lot of production from Sid Roams who stay sharp as a tack on the boards. The first joint is actually produced by another producer from that same Sid Roams/Alchemist camp named Sebb. I’ve seen this joint called a bunch of different things. I’m going with “The Junkyard”. This is pretty much my favorite joint of the moment.

The next joint is a Hard White Joint called “It Go” produced by Sid Roams. Grimey.

Big Twins is another dude I’ve been highlighting in this section a lot. He has a new album coming out on Dirt Class records. These two joints are off “The Grimey One Vol. 1” mixtape and “The Grimey Collection” Pre album, both available now on Dirt Class. “Good & Evil” features Prodigy & Un Pacino, and “Just Imagine” features Ty Nitty. If you like what you hear with the Hard White and the Twin stuff here check out Dirt Class records at

The Next joint is by Blaq Poet off his upcoming album called “The Blaqprint” on DJ Premiers Year Round Records. This joint is produced by Preemo as is all but two songs on The Blaqprint.

Finally the last song is by the late Party Arty aka P80 who passed away recently. If you don’t know who P80 is he was a part of the legendary group DITC and was rumored for a while to be signing with G Unit. This song is called “All Seasons” and is produced by Showbiz off the album “Street Talk”. RIP Party Arty.



“The Junkyard”– Un Pacino ft. Hardwhite

Preview the track here


“It Go”– Hard White

Preview the track here


“Good & Evil”– Big Twins ft. Prodigy & Un Pacino

Preview the track here


“Just Imagine”– Big Twins ft. Ty Nitty

Preview the track here


“Ain’t Nuttin Changed”– Blaq Poet

Preview the track here


“All Seasons”– Party Arty

Preview the track here