The Countdown Is Off: DMX Arrested Again

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This probably won’t surprise anyone, but DMX was arrested this morning.  After going nearly two whole years without a legal issue, the rapper legally known as Earl Simmons, was caught driving without a license in the early hours of the morning.  This seems to be pattern for Mr. X who was last arrested for driving recklessly with, you guessed it, a suspended license.  I seriously wonder if people were placing bets on this in Vegas.According to Fox 21, DMX entered a gas station in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where police recognized him, not for his musical endeavors, but  from two other instances where he received tickets for driving without a license.  The officers then witnessed DMX enter the driver’s side of the car that contained his five month-old daughter and another unnamed passenger, before he took off.  He was followed, pulled over and then arrested for this matter shortly thereafter.  By 6 AM this morning, he was in front of a judge where he was then released.

Now I must say in DMX’s defense, it must suck to not have a license and live in suburban South Carolina.  I can’t say if he doesn’t have a license because he needs to take a road test or if it’s because of those half a dozen times he was involved in a felony behind the wheel.  Regardless, I think we’re all rooting for DMX to stay out of cuffs in the future.