The Diplomats To Make Biopic…Obviously Everyone Is Set To Play Themselves

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Epic development in the world of rap.  Not too sure I’m excited for this new Dipset album, but a Diplomats movie?  Bring the ruckus.  With everyone in Dipset playing themselves there is absolutely no chance this won’t be a groundbreaking film.  This thing hasn’t even been made yet and it’s already a cult classic.  Juelz told XXL:

Sidebar:  So does this mean everyone in Dipset’s “life is a movie”?  I think it does…

“It’s gon’ be [about] the break up and us gettin’ back together leadin’ into the album.  The album is gonna be like the soundtrack to the movie. It’s just gonna be everything from [Cam’ron] meeting Biggie to him meeting me and us becoming The Diplomats.”

“It’s gonna be a movie like the way they did Notorious, but we’re just gonna be playin’ ourselves. That might be the first [movie] where we get to play ourselves instead of havin’ people. We’ll do it when we’re younger, but as it gets to us we’ll really play ourselves, cut the hair off our face so we look younger and sh*t like that.”

“Cam might have to gain some weight from when he was big, Jim would have to grow his braids back, get some extensions and all that ’cause he cut his hair. We gon’ figure it out, but we gon’ do it right.”



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