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Lupe fans will be pleased to hear that the Chicago rapper won’t be closing out his career with his third album like he predicted last year. He recently announced that his trilogy LupEND will not be his next project as in June he will be dropping The Great American Rap Album, with LupEND being put on the back boiler indefinitely. Not sure why he even talked of early retirement in the first place but I am guessing those four Grammy nods for The Cool have reaffirmed to him that his talent doesn’t go unnoticed.
The 1st and 15th front man also plans to put out another two albums after The Great American Rap Album another in 09 and then the third in 2010. Sounds like he is on over-drive which is a very good thing.


  1. Yeah if you stop spittin…
    The lyrical pool in hip hop would be really small…
    especially with all the old(ass) rappers trying their best to close the rap door for these young niggas….

  2. I was mad he was even talking about retiring he doesn’t have the best albums but you never know what to expect from his next song. And that makes him a great artist which is hard to find with the lame followers in the rap game now days every1 has to be a dealer or a murderer or autotune singer the game needs niggas like lupe to show that there is still success in being yourself and making new good music say cheese

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