The Game: “50 Cent will never make a dime out of me”

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By: Rizoh

      Despite recent attempts to end his long-running beef with G-Unit, The Game might not be letting 50 Cent off the hook just yet. He recently told Tim Kash of MTV UK News that G-Unit is dead as a brand. "People just aren’t into wearing their stuff anymore because I came out and dismantled their whole crew, record label and group," Game bragged.

      The Compton rapper went on to dispel recent rumors that 50 Cent will still make money from Game’s post-G-Unit releases. "50 Cent will never make a dime out of me," he told MTV UK. "When (50 Cent) looks at himself in the mirror at home he probably drops tears ’cause no matter what he does I’m flat out better than him. God bless him and his whole crew because I’m gonna get money and I’m gonna stump a hole in their f****ng face until they’re finished."

      The Game and 50 Cent have been entangled in a well-documented war of words ever since the former received marching orders from the G-Unit General. Game’s sophomore LP, Doctor’s Advocate, is slated to drop on Black Wall Street / Geffen Records November 14, 2006.


  1. At first he’s beefin’ with G-Unit, then he seeks to end the beef, and now he’s adding some more fuel to the fire again…
    Make up your mind, man.

  2. Why do you guys pick sides in this war of words when the fact remains if it wasn’t for 50 it would be no Game. Second why do The Game always start beef then apologize? He’s hurt emotionally by 50 that’s why he disses so much he was heartbroken and that’s wht he contridicts himself about the whole G-unit beef cause when he thinks about the pain he can’t help venting it.It’s a divorce he never wanted now he’s afraid he won’t be able to feed his son just listen to the Strip Club hook that’s 50!

  3. I dont wanna here that shit bout if it wasnt for 50 there wouldnt be no game, maybe, you’re right, but that dont give u no reason to start no shit with the nigga, from what I think, 50 dont like Game cuz he no game better then him, this here is just like that movie Spider Man 2, i dont know if yall niggas saw it, but that nigga Octavious created some shit they he couldn’t stop, and in this situation 50 started Game and now he wanna turn bitch and try to fuck ova the man, fuck that aint no way, Game way better than 50 and thats that and 50 know that. So from now on, its always gon be G-UNOOOOOOOT, cuz in my opinion, Game the coldest nigga outta LA. Now if anybody got anything to say about that. Holla at ya boy. BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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