Kodak Black Defends Himself While Taking Aim At T.I., The Game On “Expeditiously”

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When Kodak feels attacked, he cathartically takes to the pad and pen.

Kodak Black has come under fire recently for his insensitive comments towards Lauren London — Nipsey Hussle’s widow, his queen. An individual who doesn’t curtail his sometimes controversial rhetoric for public approval, Kodak — despite not acknowledging the severity of his faux pas — objectively took it too far this time. Disgusted and offended by his words, rap heavyweights, like T.I., lambasted the South Floridian for his inconsiderate remarks; Power 106’s legendary Big Boy has stopped playing Black’s music. Kodak hasn’t taken kindly to this.

Redirecting his defensive rants from Instagram to his music, Kodak came through yesterday (April 15th) with an explanatory and pointed new song, “Expeditiously.”

Throughout the roughly three-minute track, Kodak returns the favor of disrespect and threats to T.I. by speaking on the iconic rapper’s wife, Tiny, and The Game, who also voiced his disdain towards the Sniper Gang CEO for his comments. A perpetually misunderstood kid who was raised in hell, Kodak constantly is found defending himself because he feels his comments are either taken out of context or flat-out misconstrued:

“True story ain’t no lying / A wise man can play a fool but a fool can’t play wise / Unless you judge me by my cover so you can’t read between my lines,” Kodak recites on the intro.

The verdict on Kodak’s public image is still unknown, and might never recover in some fans’ eyes — Nipsey Hussle is a legend whose passing ripped an unfillable void in the community. Doing what he loves, though, Kodak is here making his case — right or wrong.

Listen to “Expeditiously” below: