The Game:

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By: Rizoh

When was the last time you heard anyone chanting "G-Unot"? Turns out The Game is no longer interested in ‘beefing’ with G-Unit General 50 Cent. In an interview with Hot 97 FM radio personality, Angie Martinez, Game reportedly reached out to his nemesis, asking him to call into the station. "Just to talk and just to see where our heads are and see if maybe we can come to an even playing field respectfully to each other," said the 28-year old rapper. "I want to see if we can figure it out as grown-ups." While at the in-studio recording of his interview with Martinez (Game was banned from entering Hot 97 following a shootout incident in 2005), he also helped promote a contest that was obviously sponsored by arch-rival 50 Cent. Only time will tell if 50 is willing to accept Game’s olive branch offer or not. The Game’s eagerly-awaited Doctor’s Advocate LP is slated for November 14th, 2006


  1. u got to be kidding me
    50 cent lyrical? he raps about the same shit all the fuckin time the guy has no depth
    Game killed everyone in g-unit
    all u g-unit groupies face the facts they fell the fuck off and they aint commin back
    its black wall street 4 lyfe now

  2. josh ur a dumb ass kid. what lyrical skill are you speaking of???50 cent??? thats the funniest stoopid shit ive ever heard. and p.s. fuck your gay ass groups.

  3. the game just hates getting dumped on…not that 50 is any better, but its like watching two retards fight, you feel bad cuz neither one can do anything right and you know ones gonna end up getting lucky and winning 😀

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