The Dark Side Of Internet Love

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usher This is a cautionary tale for all those out there looking for love in all the wrong places (internet love). A 46-year old German citizen has taken temporary refuge at the airport terminal in Campianas, Brazil after finding himself out of money and down on his luck, reported the Associated Press on October 29th. According to airport employees, Heinz Muller allegedly flew to Rio de Janeiro on October 2nd for a romantic rendezvous with a local woman he met on the Internet, the Associated Press reported. After he was allegedly left in a lurch by his hopeful lover and ran out of money, Muller ended up at airport in Campianas, an industrial town about 100 kilometers north of Sao Paulo, according to airport workers and an aviation spokesperson interviewed for the article.

Muller, allegedly an ex-pilot, has been camping in the airport for 13 days as of October 29th, reported the Associated Press. On October 29th, he was taken to a hospital for a psychological evaluation.

According to Brazil’s civil aviation authority, Muller is permitted to stay in the airport for three months – the length of a typical European tourist visa to Brazil—as long as he obeys the law, reported the Associated Press. The stranded traveler isn’t specifying when he will leave, though the Associated Press reported that if he stays longer than January, he may face deportation from the country.

In the meantime, the Associated Press reported Muller spends time wandering around the airport, using his laptop from atop luggage carts, and speaking to both workers and passengers in basic Portuguese mixed with some Spanish. He washes himself in the airport’s rest rooms, sleeps in the airport’s chairs, and relies on airport employees for meals from the food court. According to the Associated Press, Muller has declined offers to stay at a shelter or housing offered by nonprofit groups.

Before he was escorted to the hospital for the psychological evaluation, Muller told the Associated Press that airport workers “are treating me OK.” In the report, the airport employees express their sympathy for Muller’s situation, with police officer Wilson Slauzino telling the AP, “He just doesn’t have a place to go and wants to stay at the airport for now.”

Muller plans to move to the country permanently, telling the AP “I want to be living in Brazil in somewhere pretty.” However, he refused to elaborate after the journalist denied his request to buy a computer cable in exchange for answering questions, reported the AP.


  1. this is totally insane. how could you just stay there in the airport for almost a month knowing that your internet lover won’t fetch you over. it is really positive that he has psychological problems.

  2. so sweet yet so sad to hear that he wasn’t able to meet her love on the internet. i guess it was really not meant to be. it is good that he will just go back home. 🙁

  3. no, not normal at all. would you just let yourself drown on waiting for a love that make you stay in the airport for almost a month? that is so totally unusual. i hope he could really find the love of his life for real.

  4. we couldn’t just blame him for what he did. he just like fell in love for the wrong person and it brought him to that situation. i guess he needs to go home.

  5. if the girl could have seen the flicks in the tv or seen this blog, what would she feel? what if someone do it to her? this is not a good way to treat the person when you don’t even like him. it is unfair.

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