The Rapper’s Guide To Catching Feelings

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Just What Is He Talking About

lupe fiasco had a spark when he started. he was the Toast of the Rap World, with mainstream co-signs (yeezy, hov) and backpacker gravitas. but then he started choosing instrumentals for his albums, rhyming about fantasy/sci-fi/role-play games and politics. he lost all of that hard-earned cred. most of his #caughtfeelings stem from this issue.

Key Plot Points

  • Start/End: Appears On Kanye’sLate Registration/Kendrick Lamar Doesn’t Mention Him On “Control” Verse
  • Maximum Feelings Caught: Kendrick Lamar Doesn’t Mention Him On “Control” Verse
  • Notable Moments: Beef With Blogger Byron Crawford, Mixed Reviews For 3/4 Albums, Calls Obama A Terrorist


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