Things That Make You Go Wow, The J*Davey Experience

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Two nights ago I went to the J*Davey show at the infamous SOB’s in NYC.  The first thing that struck me was the crowd.  It wasn’t the typical hip-hop type crowd I have gotten used to in NYC, it was actually quite opposite.  Like one of the first people I noticed was a guy in those roman style heels that chicks wear rocking a Chanel like black heart purse.  Basically my point is that the gays were in the motherf*cking building.  Not that I really cared.  Actually if there is one thing I’ve learned about music, it’s that if the gays f*ck with you, most likely you are going to succeed. Plus there were some super swagged out girls in the building.  I’m talking chicks with real style, not I spend a lot of money on designer clothes, but real style.  Hair either half chopped off or formed into the most hardcore afro I have ever seen in my life.  I feel like a failure for not taking pics, because I can’t really put into words the proper way to describe the imagery.

What that previous paragraph is really trying to illustrate is that J*Davey attracts a crowd that is very demanding of the art they expose themselves to.  They aren’t there to recite the lyrics to their favorite song (although they did), the people were there for an experience.  They want to be inspired, and more than likely they want to be listening to the music that most people aren’t listening to.  It just struck me as being ironic that although these people may not have sex with who I would have sex with or dress the way I would dress, they expect the same thing out of their music.

But let’s get to the part that really matters, Miss Jack Davey.  I mean talk about a beauty.  She’s all legs, and you can tell she is one of those girls that is just effortlessly gorgeous.  It’s to the point that if I saw a girl like her at bar, I wouldn’t even try to talk to her.  She just deserves better.  I’m a big believer in her star power.  I feel like a lot of R&B singers have been jacking her swag for awhile *cough* Rihanna *cough*, and it’s only a matter of time before she gets the recognition she deserves.

So now it’s on you to get with the movement.  I want you to watch this video, download this mixtape, and just generally recognize her greatness.

Below is some solid footage of the show, and some pics of her in action.  They actually didn’t show the clip of her inviting showgoers on stage for a dance party which I must say was pretty entertaining.


J*Davey Live @ S.O.B’s 06.29.10 from Corey Davis on Vimeo.



  1. I was there too. i thought that they shouldnt have had tables. J Davey is not that type of act. I was on stage too. Dancing my ass off

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