T.I Covers XXL August 2008

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      Still The King?


  1. T.I.P. defintiely spit that flame…i think he might have gave some damn good information to the feds to beat them charges, but aint no denying dude is talented as fuck

  2. HAHAHHA realtalk kid is a COCK SUCKA….khaled is a DJ dick head…he could never write or rap lik TI and luda wouldnt be a king dick he would pick a different level instead of king so fuck you nigga you dont know anything about the south and i feel bad for the south if you from there…

  3. iight. t.i isz ok. he rap fye. but d only reason he considered king isz cusz he came at a tyme wen dere wasnt ne good rappersz. so wen he came he toook d throne. he really dont spit no lyrically fye shit but he still good. but as far as still king goes.. i guess he is cusz no rappaz 4rm dha south tryna take hisz spot. but he definetly aint dha best rappa alive

  4. cassidy dha best rapper alive. he spit betta den all dem. go on you tube look uhp cassidy freestyles. he spit dat wow shit

  5. man dyz nigga tip still da king..he ain no snitch..ull be surprise wat money can do 4 u..yea da government..all bou dat money..dey let em off easy..cuz if he fuck up..dey gettin a ass of money from him again..point blank..yall needa do sum research..da Gov. iz dirty wit dat shyt..

  6. mgh get real if you think tip don’t have lyrics! what the hell have you been listening to? and when has this been a time where there hasn’t been any real rappers! nigga go do your homework and get at me!

  7. Brotha JayRell5, if you wanna hear some “REAL LYRICS” check my page. I’M TIRED OF THESE BOOTY ASS LYRICS OUT HERE!!!.. FUK DA RADIO AND T.V.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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