TI Pleading Guilty??? PLEASE

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Y’all are tripping if you believe that rumor that is circulating. TI WILL NOT be pleading guilty to no charges today when he appears in court. His team are hoping they can have him placed under house arrest and tagged to avoid being banged up until the case which is what the feds are hoping to achieve today.


  1. Who cares though? I have lost ALL respect 4 T.I. and I just had saw him in concert, I love him, he a talented guy, but THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE…was unavoidable. You ain’t gotta prove you “hood” and now that he did, look at the fucked up situation he’s facing. Shit, let me come into a couple mil, I’m cuttin my FAMILY off, fuck that, sometimes, you gotta grow the fuck up and realize what you have

  2. plain & simple when is these NIGGAS!!!!! GONNA LEARN that so called hard shit is corny now u gonna b sitting while every body else run away with this rap game

  3. What da fuck he needs wit all dat artillary?If theeze rap niggars stop reppen so much,they wouldn`t hav 2 soldya up.Too many cocky ass rappers,jus do good music n quit da tough guy shit.I like T.I.,But dis is deliquent shit.Niggas c,da game has a blackeye n it.Jus b a cool nigga n do yo only.Shit done changed now theeze new niggas done arrived.

  4. I heard a comment once that “all the bad guys or either dead or in jail” TI wanted to be hood, gangsta, bad so he’s going where all those guys are JAIL!

  5. whatever, he is 1 out of million people, why focus pinnin somethin on 1 person? nobody has time 4 that, it wouldn’t have been anyones business or on the news had he not been involoved in it. this was avoidable as hell, hopefully he can get out and make a change, cause he is the shit, but i doubt it, this ain’t the first time he’s been in trouble, but i dont give a fuck, thats that mans business. he can continue to make stupid decisions, it doesn’t affect me at all.

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