Tichina Arnold says no to music industry

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno


     Ever since Tichina Arnold was lobbing one-liners as Pam on Martin, fans knew she had a slick singing voice. Arnold even helped out Tisha Campbell when she dropped her solo debut. Now that Arnold is the momma on the hit show Everybody Hates Chris, she been getting offers to finally put her voice on wax and make the next hit record. She began working on an album, but because of music industry politics, opted out.

      "I’m no longer working on an album,” Arnold told the L.A. Daily News. “I don’t like the music industry. You have no control, it’s no longer creative … Everything you try to do turns into something else.  [But] When God gives you a gift, you need to get it out. I have to give it that much respect — to do something with it. [So] I started a band called No Pressure; and that’s just what it is, no pressure. I’m so excited about it. Between the band and singing in church I get my rocks off. We’re going everywhere from New York to L.A."

      Arnold said the music from No Pressure will range from R&B to rock to reggae with cover songs and originals. Keep an eye out for the band, but you can catch Arnold every Sunday on Everybody Hates Chris.


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