Tila Tequila Shares Insane Advice With Amber Rose To Stay “Relevant”

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It seems like Tila Tequila thinks she is the queen of relevancy, which just proves how much help she really needs. A few weeks before she was seen kissing Amber Rose`s butt at the Congo Room Tila wrote a blog claiming that Amber Rose had lost her “pedals” and she gave her a few words of advice on how to milk her 15 minutes:
I mean kiss a girl in public, slap Yeezy, proclaim your love for Oprah! Anything, if this is the game you want to play, play it like a Kardashian (well, you don’t have to be that desperate!)

Amber, you still my girl, but milk it as much as you can while you’re still here, cuz in the Hollywood world, one minute you’re hot sh*t, and the next, they don’t even remember your name. So my advice to you? Start up a business, start a perfume line, pitch a tv show, or DO SOMETHING aside from just being Kanye’s girl. Word is your a$s needs more media training … get some! Date Reggie Bush, he’s single now and more man than Kanyeezy will evah be!


Okay I have some better advice, dating Kanye made Amber famous, so she must be doing something right and if I`m not mistaken she is now a signed model getting 10k plus for club appearances and who knows how much at fashion week. I doubt Amber needs Tila`s advice, seeing that this year all Tila has done was had a failed engagement that ended in death and start a lame blog. The most ironic thing of all this is after Tila talks all this hot garbage shes seen trying to be her bestie in public!!!


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