Tinie Tempah Chosen Over Kanye West???

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So, up and coming British rapper Tinie Tempah has already gone and got one over on Yeezy. Both were chasing a 100,000 Sterling deal with Lucozade, a hugely popular drink for hung over/ sporty types in the UK and Ireland which has previously been endorsed by big UK/Irish sports names. Tinie said of becoming the face of Lucozade:

“I reckon I could kick the bottle in the bin if I was asked. It’s massive. They’ve always done such huge adverts. And I DO drink Lucozade, more so in the gym. I’m not just saying that, I wouldn’t endorse something I didn’t like.”

Tinie Tempah is finally beginning to creep up the US charts after his success in Europe, with his new tune Written In The Stars hitting no. 39 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. After beating Yeezy to a 6 figure endorsement deal, he certainly is proving he has weight to throw around on the hip hop circuit. Personally, I would be just as happy if Lucozade became as well known over here as certain Brit rappers. Next time you’re hung over, get to an Irish store in Queens and pound a bottle of it. Spotted at RWD via HHDX.