Todd Bridges joins the Everybody Hates Chris cast

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By Will “Deshair” Foskey

 On January 22nd, popular sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris returns to the CW with new episodes and a special guest appearance from none other than Todd Bridges of Diff’rent Strokes fame.

     On the new episode, Todd guests stars as Doc’s Nephew, Monk – a character that Chris (Tyler James Williams) finds himself seeking advice from. “What I did with the Monk character was build him around one of my uncles that used to be a war veteran,” says Todd as he smiles about how he triggered into Monk’s persona. “He was a crazy, yet wonderful guy. At any time, he would just flip out on you. But he would give you the best advice in the world after you sift through all of the craziness.”

      Everybody Hates Chris is nominated for 8 NAACP Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series. With the universal success that the show has received since its series debut on October 1, 2005, Todd didn’t feel too confident about his chances of getting the role. “I was thinking to myself about how my career has been up and down, so I didn’t think that I would get the part,” says the 80’s heartthrob. “The shows producer, Ali (LeRoi), handed me a bunch of re-writes and that scared the mess out of me, man. But I got it done, did a good job and they called me back.”

      In 2007, Mr. Bridges has a few ventures in place that he hopes will lead him to one of his goals. “I believe that now, I’m not perceived in a negative way,” when speaking of where he stands as a professional. “People know that I’m for real and that I’m not playing around anymore. I get the job done now, I’m very dependable. The bottom line is that I’ve been around so long, I just love the work. In 2007, I’m looking to have my own show. That is one of my biggest goals. And I feel that I’m heading in that direction right now.”

      Everybody Hates Chris – Mondays (8:00-8:30 p.m. ET/PT) on The CW



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