Tony The Tiger Blinged Out

13 years ago view-show 618,453

We need to do better!!!!!   If you like Frosted Flakes this much just eat them……..   SMH



  1. dats boosie, i could tell from that damn fade, lol. but damn, this niggas wildin, i thought that was just a t-shirt at first, but naahh its a fuckin chain….we really got to do better

  2. …And I thought Sean Kingston looked like a jackass for having an iced out box of crayons on. This is a new level of dumb shit. And maybe I’m still high but is that niggas pants on backwards?

  3. lol you is a fool qc_clit_licka
    I think them pants is on backwards! Does he have money like that to throw away? What the hell. this is so crazy that I can’t speak on the shit!LoL LoL!

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