Tory Lanez Solicits Rap Battle to Pusha T

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Sitting here eating my popcorn like…

In the hip-hop ethos, rap battles are paramount in fostering superior lyricism in the spirit of competition and mutual respect. No one wants to be on the losing end of a vocal feud–not in this sport.

So when Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas began engaging in a playful rap “beef” last week, it was met with elation as fans rejoiced at seeing two seasoned rappers go toe-to-toe behind the mic. With a flurry of releases condensed into a short timeframe, this lyrical quarrel demonstrated how quick, adaptable, and talented these two really are. And while the jury is still out on Tory’s self-declared victory, the Love Me Now artist already has his eyes set on his next target–one that most wouldn’t dare approaching: Mr. Pusha T.

Proverbs exist for a reason. Their timeless nature makes them as applicable during their unknown historical inception as they are in modern times. “Don’t wake a sleeping dragon” jumps to mind when thinking of Tory poking at Push’s lethal tail.

Tory began commenting on Instagram how he would “wash” King Push in lyrical fisticuffs, saying that he’s the more dominant MC and how Push wouldn’t hold a candle to his flame. Confidence is important. It’s essential for converting the unattainable into the plausible. It can also get so inflated to the point where it begins flirting with its detrimental extreme, pride. Tory’s confidence is bleeding into heresy; his pride is trending hubristic.

Whether or not Push responds is still up in the air, but given his secure placement on hip-hop’s pedestal, and Tory’s campaign to be viewed as a Pusha T contemporary, Push’s potential gains are outweighed by Tory’s, making this a lose-lose scenario for the DAYTONA rapper.

But hey, this is what we live for–this is what makes hip-hop so unique, what sets it apart from any other genre.