Trips & Dubs: The Weekly NBA Update

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League Pass Joyriding

some pressing questions and snippets from my very own adventures with the NBA League Pass. doing donuts on the ten-speed.
when ricky gone learn to shoot? why can’t he just pass to the hoop?
anthony bennett might be the most overweight top pick ever?
the LAST thing the league needs is lance stephenson feeling himself.
mike brown’s nervous tics.
dj augustin the crystal waters of this sh*t.

rudy gay schizophrenia is real.
nate wolters doing his luke ridnour thing. we see you, pa.

Dazed and Confused is the only movie kelly olynyk can get through without dozing on road trips.
walt frazier refuses to see Bridesmaids, he confesses.
NBA All Juniors Team might be a playoff squad. just sons of players.
eric gordon makes the pelicans a playoff scare.
anthony davis does a lot of kg stuff on screens.
give me 3 good reasons for LBJ to stay in Miami. a thousand up front if you find two.
if tyreke could have one pet it would be a goldfish because, coming up in the house, no animal was allowed.
we wrote off monta ellis? are you not entertained?!
sleeping on paul george? I present 4BarFridays with paul george:
Bar it out lol Shout out the homie D Lill @damianlillard.. #4BarFridays !



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