LeBron James Hints at Working on Album

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What can’t this man do?

LeBron James is undeniably one of the greatest basketball talents and overall athletes in existence. No, that’s not a hyperbole — check the man’s stats, durability, and overall impact on basketball. While Bron has accomplished so much on the court, his off-court heroics rival the poetry he scribes on the hardwood.

LeBron has started a charter school for underprivileged children, which is performing beautifully, he’s been a consequential civil rights activist, a proud father, and also an A&R; he worked with 2 Chainz’s on the Atlanta icon’s Rap or Go to the League album. Now, LeBron is looking to take his music career one-step further, as he’s recently announced that an album might be in the works.

Before you fall off the edge of your seat or tell him to “stay in his lane,” LeBron demonstrated self-awareness by saying he won’t be rapping on the project, admitting that that isn’t his strength. However, Bron is a consummate music fan with astute ears — plus, as he put it, he’s got a lot of friends who are quite good at the whole music thing.

“My love for music is INSANE!!! I think I’m going to do a[n] album. Oh no I won’t be rapping or anything like that. I’m not crazy, I know what I’m great at,  but I tell you one thing I do have. So many friends that can.! Thinking out [loud],” tweeted The King.

The jury is out on whether or not a LeBron-helmed album will come to fruition, but given his shrewd judgement and deep musical network, it sure would make for a statement.