Tyler, The Creator Releases New Song, “Crust in Their Eyes”

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A remix to Kanye and Cudi’s “Kids See Ghosts”.

Today’s influx of new music might have started with marquee releases from Nas and Jay Rock, but it hasn’t stopped there. Recently, Tyler, The Creator decided to contribute a new song–a remix to Kids See Ghosts title track, “Crust in Their Eyes”

An inherently ominous beat due to the eerie sonics, the “Kids See Ghosts” instrumental perfectly pairs with Tyler’s dark and eccentric personality and psyche. Never afraid to speak his opinion, Tyler uses this track as a platform to expose those who are fake, those who can’t see the real–those with crust in their eyes. Juxtaposing these charlatans to his authenticity, Tyler paints an interesting picture of fakes clamoring for attention.

Listen to “Crust in Their Eyes” below: