Uh-Oh, Arrest Warrant Issued Out for The Game

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By: Rizoh

      Have you seen the Game (aka Jayceon Taylor) lately? He’s wanted by New York authorities for failing to honor a court date. Game was scheduled to answer charges that he impersonated a police officer and instructed a cab driver to run a series of red lights, according to officials..

      You would recall that Game was arrested for in downtown New York, following an appearance on David Letterman’s late night show last November.

      However the rapper, who has entered a plea of not guilty and accused the NYPD of setting him up, will only be arrested if he fails to make his next court date, scheduled for June 13th.


  1. Hmmm taking a page from X book…. go take some jail nigga… now you can really talk about that shit and not make it up anymore… GAYME Is A BITCH!!!!!!

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