VH1 goes hip-hop with Irv Gotti and white rappers

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno


      VH1 recently announced their lineup of new shows within their “celebreality” niche with a couple of them concentrating on the hip-hop industry. Ego Trip’s White Rapper Show is a competition between wannnabe white rappers who want the same success as Eminem and the Beastie Boys. Hosted by MC Serch, the veteran emcee from the renowned 3rd Bass, and legendary producer Prince Paul the show will out 10 contestants through challenges designed to test their musical credibility, knowledge of hip hop culture and their ideas about race.

      The other hip-hop inspired show is the Irv Gotti Project starring The Inc.’s (formerly Murder Inc.) fearless leader Irv Gotti. The show follows Gotti as he attempts a comeback with The Inc. and overcomes the stigma of being investigated for 3 years by the federal government on charges of money laundering and acquitted and juggles the responsibility of being a husband and father.

      The shows, along with Man Band, Untitled Whitestar Project, Rags to Riches and Bridging the Gap (the first episode features Queen Latifah and Eve), will premiere within the first couple of months of 2007.


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