Vic Mensa Goes in on Funk Flex Freestyle

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Vic came to spit. 

Vic Mensa has enjoyed a transformative career thus far. Starting with the Chicago-based indie rock band, Kids These Days, to stunning the Hip Hop world with his debut solo work, Innanet Tape, all the way to being the focal point of a bidding war between Kanye and Jay Z, Mensa has gone through artistic reincarnations en route to finding his identity. But no matter the musical cloak donned upon him, one thing has remained essential to his chemical makeup: a raw musical prowess.

Recently, Mensa demonstrated his acrobatic tongue and dexterous rhyme schemes on the Funk Flex Freestyle. Spitting over the Swizz Beats-produced N.O.R.E. track, “Banned from TV”, Vic navigates a medley of topics occupying his mind. He shows love for his hometown group and foundational musical entity, Savemoney, shouts out Tupac, and even finds time to pepper in a reference regarding infamous Harlem drug dealer, Albert “Alpo” Martinez. Vic swiftly conveys this lyrical tirade with poise, sealing his top-tier freestyling ability with rewind-worthy wordplay, such as, “KG straight from the streets to the major league / And I’m putting n****s in their seats like a matradee.”

As his Vic’s aesthetic starts to trend more towards rock star than rapper, who’s to say where his musical journey will guide him next. However, one thing that I think we can say with certainty is that Vic will always conquer a freestyle.

Watch the Funk Flex freestyle below: