VIDEO: Baby ft. Lil Wayne – “I Run This” (Remix)

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  1. IS THAT IT, the same ole bullshit I waste my money on cars, I waste my money on clothes, and oh yeah I gotta a lot of money, its getting hella boring now, how ..let me see..I bought a entire hood and the houses going for a 100k plus…I just put ten cats through law school..and they all got plans to make me more money,come on baby..something anything different…Somebody better find RINGO…he knows who set TITO up..FREE TITO

  2. I like that, Law school That’s a good Idea!Too bad rappers make money off the poor not people that go to law school. They would be shooting himlself in the foot if he gave back to the community. They tell you to me ghetto and that they got rich by selling drugs. That way we stay in that criminal ghetto mentality and they get rich fakin. Rap is bullshit, run by the man i don’t give a shit who thinks otherwise. Yeah they should be puttin people through school but they not. FUCK THEM. FUCK LITTLE WAYNE. Nelly just puttin his how little kids through school. Can’t rely on any rich muthafucka to keep us. Fuck them. We gotta see through the bullshit.

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