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If you don’t get down with Chip Tha Ripper I can’t really help you.  I think Chip is a unique talent and his voice is better than most in the game, although I do deduct some points cause he’s such good friends with Cudi who I think is a tad overrated.  This video for “Here I Am” is relatively standard, but a dope song nonetheless.  Cleveland Stand Up!

I might get sh*t for this but Fat Joe might be the best NY emcee dropping music right now.  There I said it.  Every track on “The Darkside” is insane, dude is seriously bringing it back to where it started at.  This freestyle over Kanye’s “Power” is hard, and the visuals are cool for sure.  Nothing like showing m-16’2, tattoos, and ice to show your power.  Cop “The Darkside” when it drops next Tuesday.

I want to hate on this but I can’t.  Ski Beatz is a beast and Mos Def has unquestionable talent.  The reason I want to hate is because this video is done by Creative Control, which is like Dame Dash’s baby, and I think Dame is kind of a b*tch because he keeps crying about the past regarding Jay-Z.  Whatever I digress.  Creative Control makes another dope visual for “Cream Of The City.”

Mayer Hawthorne is great.  I know a lot of people hate on him because he does white boy soul/r&b, but he’s mad talented and the production sounds like some shit Marvine Gaye, and Stevie Wonder would jump on.  This video for “Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin”” is really cool because it’s one continuous shot, complete with choreography.  Definitely check this out and decide for yourself if the dude doesn’t have soul.

You’ve probably never heard of Tech N9ne, and if you have you probably think he’s f*cking weird.  He is really weird but he is winning more than 99% of dudes in hip-hop right now.  He has carved a serious niche for himself with his Strange Music imprint, to the turn of millions of dollars a year.  I hate XXL magazine, but this month they did an incredible job featuring Strange Music and Techa Nina.  This video “KC Tea” is pretty cool, and is definitely more accessible, music-wise, to the mainstream.  I think Tech N9ne is dope, and no one except Twista can really match him on the flow of his speed when he gets going.  Show some respect for Kansas City, and make yourself a KC Tea tonight and get buck-wild.

Rick Ross is killing regardless about how fake his street cred is.  Having The Roots back him for “B.M.F.” is pretty awesome live on The Jimmy Fallon Show.  If you haven’t cop “Teflon Don” in stores now.