Video: Drake “Over”

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It’s Drizzy…This is the first video off Thank Me Later which recently got pushed backCop the song.




  1. Its so sad dudes fuckin hip hop like that.
    live your life bitch,be a fan first before you think you're a legend stupid.
    this one is awful song,no rhymes same music
    ignorant mothafucka im not gonna even download your shit.
    you are a groupie bitch.

  2. Ummm, don't know what Johnny is talking about but I like this track, atleast he's not rapping about how much jewlery he has or fronting about being gansta. He's actually rapping about something. All I know is he better not push his album back for too long…that could harm him. I could've sworn he said “they treat me like a legend” don't sound like he thinks he's a legend….Listen to the lyrics….Peace

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