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Look what crawled back out from under a rock….and what is going on in the background on this video? Tough talk from J Hood. I am sure Jada is just sitting back laughing at the fool this kid is making of himself right now. Seven minutes of this is way toooooooo much for a Monday, I feel like I gained another day to the week.


  1. I dont even comment on this shit but this nigga just made hisself look hella WACK!!! He aint talkn bout shit his niggas in the backgroung flashing they heat like they never touched a heater before this wack ass nigga on here dry snitching talking bout “you dont wont me to tell Joe Crack what you did” What type of bitch shit is that who is this nigga and where the fuck he from he wouldnt get no slap in my hood YOU NIGGAS SILLY LOL!!!

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