VIDEO: NYOIL – “The Difference Between Blacks And Niggers”

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  1. this kat iz a hater,i’m talkin about Ny oil,He say nas is one of the most overrated rapper of all time,this kat spend all his time talkin about shit but i hav it heard about him doing shit but downin his own race,so i think he’s racist.

  2. If a white boy call u a nigger and u get made u a dumb nigga its a word made 2 piss u off get yo money thats whats up young black men have all the resouces 2 come up but we dont take it i can see old people getn mad cause alot of them lived that real racist shit we dont look at half of hollwood young and black and all kind of people kiss they ass get yo bread right fuck a whiteman made world money dn’t care what race u r and if u say bullshit go live on the street nigga

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