VIDEO: Obama Speaks On Fatherhood

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      Barack Obama celebrated Father’s Day by speaking at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, Illinois this past Sunday.


  1. Wow. That was a good speech. I agree with DreSoul, everyone needs to watch and listen to this speech. I just wished that Obama would have said more about the good that father’s do for their children. Even though there isn’t a lot of men that do that, at least their are some that bust their butt to keep their children.

  2. fuck this Illuminati puppet faggot ass chump, dont you people see he is a pawn, they all are, elections dont exist! Plus he throwing niggaz under the bus for these pecks in this speech, he shouldve said how they attacked our communities and family units with the flood and then harsh war on drugs and as a result of that our fathers are missing, but he is right fuck them Dead beats!!

  3. well id agree that Obama is a great speaker but can he also be a great speaker in solving the problem in iran i mean we are affected to that because some of the US troops suffer there..well it’s because my brother is also there as a US military..but since that the presidential election is fast approaching in hoping that Obama and McCain had a good plan on how to stop the issue in Iran and also the war in iraq..but so far as i watch the two video in pollclash for me Obama has a good plan than McCain,but it’s just my opinion then…try to watch it in and try to find out who has the better plan than the two…

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