Video: R. Kelly – “Hairbraider”

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  1. Seem like sumbody just jumped out of the closet. LOL. There is no reason why a grown ass man should ever wear extensions. Its downhill from here.

    Check out

  2. hold up kels is a icon naah mean peein on shawtys an all dat the man can blow a tune meanin he can really sing but why he got that shit on his voice like tpain c’mon kels was one of the brothers that came out in the game w/ real talent when there were a lot of artist that couldn’t sing like al b. sure remember dat nigga. an a bunch of other studio singin fukaz like new kids on the block. and othaz

  3. aint this song an out dated topic like 10 years old and won’t mario was singing this song about braidin hair when he was three or some shit

  4. On the real I can’t even fuck wit R.Kelly this shit sounds like another TPain bite Damn the next artist using Accutune should be banned permenately. And Niggas love R.Kelly cause it wastn’t they kids.

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