VIDEO: “We Hood We Voting” Obama O8

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      Critically acclaimed recording artists Sa-Ra’s front man Taz Arnold (TI$A) Shoots Music Video throughout Los Angeles in Support of Sen. Barack Obama. Set to a track produced by Daedelus. For more info contact the Service Company. Directed by Kenzo Hakuta,Co-Directed by Guy Logan, and Omari Thomas



  1. if you votin for dude cause he black thats ignorant as hell…the same kind of thinkin is why we wound up wit an idiot like Bush in office…take the time to listen then make an educated decission

  2. all yall niggas talkin about voting obama are retarded, fuck hillary too, none of these politicians give a fuck about you, especially not obama cause he’s an uncle tom nigga too like al sharpton and jesse jackson, shit is only getting worse not better, we jus like sheep gettin led to the slaughter. open your fuckin eyes, obama and the entire government is the enemy while yall niggas is fallin for it.

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