VIDEO: Woman Killed at Lil Kim’s Birthday Party (Killer Confesses)

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NYPD says Syed Rahman, an employee at Spotlight Live, has confessed to killing Ingrid Rivera during Lil’ Kim’s birthday party.

According to police, the 24-year-old Rahman admitted to hitting Rivera on the back of the head with a lead pipe around 2:45 AM Monday morning.

Here’s what cops say went down.

Police say Rivera, a huge Lil’ Kim fan, paid to attend the event — and even brought the rap diva a bouquet of flowers. According to cops, she and a friend chatted up Rahman while drinking at the bar. At one point in the evening, Rivera was kicked out of the club for accidentally walking into the men’s room. At the same time, according to Rivera’s friend, Rahman coaxed the friend up onto the roof by claiming Rivera was there — that’s when the friend alleges Rahman came on to her. When she blew him off, she says Rahman found Rivera outside and “told her he could get her back in.”

Cops say Rahman took Rivera through the employee entrance, up to the roof in a service elevator and that’s when he hit her over the head with a lead pipe inside a utility shed. She was killed instantly.

Rahman worked at the club for four years and has no criminal record.

August 7th 2008

AP is reporting that the Police were questioning a club employee in the death of 24- year-old Ingrid Rivera.An autopsy was pending, but the Police official said the case was being treated as a homicide investigation and that the employee was a potential suspect.According to the Police, a friend of Rivera’s who was with her at the club on Sunday, when the rapper’s party was held, says she last saw the victim being escorted out the door. It was unclear why she was kicked out and how she ended up back inside.A second police official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said Thursday that investigators believe the woman died from a blow to the head and that they were “near an arrest” in the case.


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