Vince Staples Debuts New Show, ‘The Vince Staples Show’

4 years ago view-show 3,663

Alongside a new single, “So What?”

For as long as Vince Staples has been in the game, he’s consistently been one of the most authentic figures in hip-hop. A no holds barred attitude, Vince’s unapologetic perspective bleeds into his music as much as his interviews and anything he endorses. With so much to say, and such a pointed perspective, Vince needs more than just a mic and a recording booth to fully exercise his thoughts. Luckily, he’s received just that.

Announced recently, Vince Staples is the proud owner of a new digital show, The Vince Staples Show, which premiered earlier today. Fitting the modern entertainment landscape, the pilot is a succinct offering, clocking in at sub-four-minutes.

A relatively eccentric offering, The Vince Staples Show conflates theatrics and music to create a truly unique series. 

Alongside the debut episode, Vince also premiered a new song, which is featured in the episode, “So What?”

Watch the pilot, and listen to “So What?” below: