Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane Officially Squash Their Beef

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A beautiful moment in hip-hop history!

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The falling out between former friends and business partners Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane was highly publicized, as the two Atlanta trap giants went back and forth on social media as well as interviews. It was so ugly that Waka Flocka even vowed to never work with Gucci. In turn Big Guwop offered up Waka Flocka’s contract to anyone willing to take it. Long story short: a once fleeting relationship took a turn for the worse.

But now with Gucci locked up on federal gun charges and tensions cooling down the two men appear to have had a moment of clarity. Simply put: it ain’t worth it. Waka Flocka took to Twitter to post a photo of the two with a caption reading “#NoBeef” followed by another tweet elaborating, “Don’t wanna be friends. Don’t wanna do business. Don’t wanna beef. I’m all grown up now #BighomieFlock The past already passed by Waka”. Apparently they haven’t 100% patched things up from that tweet, but the beef aspect to their tumultuous relationship is officially over.

Although Gucci is unable to personally use his social networking platforms due to his stint in prison, his team retweeted Waka’s tweet, hinting that Gucci is in fact in agreement with Waka’s position on the matter.

Hip-hop rejoice!


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