Waka Flocka & French Montana To Drop LP Entitled ‘Lock Out’

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There is a significant chance I am going to think this album is cool.  Retard rap is what’s popping right now and that is not a diss.  If it isn’t face tattoo rap or retard rap , I’m pretty sure I just don’t care about it.  If I want knowledge I’ll read a book.  However, last time I checked I’m more interested in pouring champagne on strippers so cue the Waka Flocka and French Montana music already!  French told MTV:

I got an album coming out with me and Waka. It’s called Lock Out. It’s gonna be out in five weeks, The first single is called ‘I Want It.’ It’s crazy. It’s some crunk, like some ‘Choppa Down,’ but on steroids.


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