03 Greedo Issues Scathing Tupac Remarks

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Hate him or love him, you’ve got to show Pac respect.

A number of rappers have come under fire lately for disrespecting arguably hip-hop’s most influential artist, Tupac. What started with Diego (FKA Lil Xan) saying that he thought the revolutionary musician’s work was “boring”, has turned into an ostensible hip-hop epidemic. While Waka Flocka was quick to put Xan in his place, LA rapper 03 Greedo recently took to social media to air out his displeasure towards the late Compton artist.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Greedo called Pac a “bitch ass n***a,” saying that Pac is a “great actor” and that Greedo really lives the life he raps about. Greedo claimed that Shakur was simply capitalizing on a situation to move units, whereas Greedo, and many others, really live through the horrors that they cathartically rap about.

The jury is out on whether or not this is pure clout chasing, but Greedo clearly is unafraid of the potential repercussions of this rhetoric. His debut album, The Wolf of Grape Street, will provide further intel on whether or not this kid can back up what he’s saying.