Wale Poops On Rosa Acosta’s Existence…Rosa Acosta Accuses Wale Of Being Overly Emotional

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It’s tough to figure out whose side to take.  The basic b*tch or the overly emotionally social climbing rapper?  I may have to go with Wale on this.  The sh*t he said was too funny.  Basically Rosa was hosting an event last night in which she tweeted the following (the tweet has since been deleted):

@Wale went into the crowd and some security had to save him #CreativeIdeaFail #RedStarAccess

Well Wale took the shot extra personally and went on a rant sh*tting on Rosa’s existance.

“Rosa you owe me 15%, I made you hot my n*gga…Don’t submit your opinion to the public. Your talent doesn’t require a voice. We listen to real women in 2011, not industry slides…If your talent is your areola…you don’t deserve an opinion. We lackin…we settling …i cant believe some woman actually co-sign being a jump off…how a n*gga gon respect u if u dont? come on

Rosa pretty much came back with this.

Guys menstruate too? Oh…On a real note for somebody that supposedly got “bars” those tweets were real wack and sensitive