André 3000 Spotted Playing The Flute In Philly

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Stacks is the best.

André 3000’s transcendent status is mostly a product of his superior music talents, but also because he’s just a unique, interesting human. While he’s revered for laying down classics with Big Boi and influencing the genre, he’s also beloved for roles he’s played in American Crime and Four Brothers. He’s a hyphenate — plain and simple. But he’s also an eccentric man, which contributes to said uniqueness.

About a month ago, 3 Stacks was seen playing the flute around LAX airport for approximately 40-minutes before someone identified him. In typical Stacks fashion, which is atypical for anyone, he posed with the fan who realized it was him, offering a smirk as the fan tried to conceal her giddiness. Now, it looks like this wasn’t a one time outing — André was recently spotted in Philadelphia, casually strolling the streets, just playing the flute.

Recently, André can be seen posted all over social media posing with fans who, much like the one who snapped a pic with him at LAX, are trying to contain their unadulterated happiness as they take a selfie with the icon. 

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A musical genius, Andre 3000! 🎵🎶

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Twitter has erupted in the wake of this news, with messages reading: “So tonight at work we caught Andre 3000 casually strolling around w/ a flute in his hand;” “OMFFGGGG DID I JUST SPOT andre 3000 IN PHILLY??? PLAYING THE FUCKING FLUTE AT THE MARKET;” “Wasn’t tripping. It’s him. 3 Stacks in the flesh. And his flute game is A-1.”

You’re a real one, André. Never change.