Weekend News Wrap Up: B.G.’s Leaving Grand Hustle, Memphis Bleek Passes On Roc Nation & The Fugee’s Reunion?

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B.G. Leaving Grand Hustle

B.G. has annouced that his latest release Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood, will be his last album through T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records. He is now looking for a new label saying:

“I’m gonna be a free agent. I’m gonna sit down with the people that closest to me like my manager and lawyers and see whats the best route to do. Grand Hustle? No that’s over with. T.I. was the executive producer of the project with me when it was on Atlantic. After the sitiuaion with him and the Hip Hop awards, they kind of froze up on me, kept pushing the album back. This was pre-recession. Once I felt like they were playing me, I stopped calling, got back doing what I was doing, creating another oppurtunity.”

Word is also starting to circulate that B.G. will be going back to Cash Money and that a Hot Boys reunion is on the way.

This wouldn’t be a bad move for B.G. and he even said himself “If the numbers right, it makes sense.” I’m sure the numbers are going to be right and its going to be a lot of cents for B.G. and Cash Money in the new year.


Memphis Bleek Passes Up Going to Roc Nation

Bleek has decided to come out and explain his reasons behind not joining Jay-Z’s new Roc Nation label. He explains how he’s looking out for himself these days, saying:

“I coulda went to Roc Nation, but then what am I getting out of that? Another $150,000 check advance, then I come out [and] sell 300,000 probably, somebody makes two or three million, and I gotta mess with the fact that they gon’ say yo you bricked out? Like that’s the industry. And that’s [with a label run by] my homie. Now if [it’s] somebody else, [they] might not even get a 150 [thousand dollar] advance, they probably go get 30. And plus I’d rather be on my own, fam. I been in the game, like you said a decade now, I know what to do; I know what not to do. It’s time for me to have my own record [label]. I got a lot of n*ggas behind me that’s ready to get they shot. And me being behind Jay, they ain’t gonna never get they shot.”

Bleek’s got a point, there’s got to be a time when you move out on your own and make moves for yourself without relying on those who put you on. Beanie should take a few notes…


Fugges Reunion?

Wyclef Jean recently held a performance and told the crowd about a possible Fugee reunion. During his performance he played classic Fugee songs saying:

“Let me play you a classic record. This group sold 22 million copies and is the reason I’ll never go broke, I’m still living on they publishing check.”

He also made a plea to former member Lauryn Hill to come back to the group to do an official reunion once and for all. Wyclef said:

Wyclef passing number one and if Lauryn Hill is listening, get the group back together too!”

Wyclef also recently explained in an interview how he feels his new music will inspire his former group mates Pras and Lauryn to help him in his Fugee reunion fight. Wyclef explains:

“Yeah. And it’s actually a good question, because people within hip-hop don’t really care about groups like that, you know what I mean? Once you’re done in hip-hop, you’re done. But somehow the Fugees is the soundtrack to everyone’s house. What I’m hoping is that this group really gets inspired by the new movement that I’m on right now, with the whole Warriors movement, the new music that I’ve got comin’ out, the movement with the youth, and I’m hoping they’ll get inspired and be like, ‘Yo, let’s find Clef and let’s get this thing crackin’.’ And it would be an honor to go in and make it a super album.”

I doubt this reunion is going to happen, maybe we’ll get one song out of it, but I don’t think we are ever going to see another classic album from the Fugee’s like The Score.