Weekend News Wrap Up: Peedi Crakk Gets Released, Jae Millz Talks Almost Dying & Rihanna Sells Out?

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Uh oh. State Property’s own Peedi Crakk was reportedly released from his one year prison bid and already is back in the studio working on new music.

Peedi spent the past year incarcerated and the details of his sentence were kept private, but the rapper was released April 1st and wasted no time in getting back to the grind, currently working over at Philadelphia’s Bat Cave studios.

Peedi served the entirety of his sentence and has no worries when it comes to parole. His people have also opened a twitter account for any inquiries.

Let’s see where this goes, with all the recent success Freeway’s been having, maybe Peedi will find the same…Don’t hold your breath though.


In a new interview Young Money’s Jae Millz goes into a recent near death experience which left the Harlem rapper hospitalized.

Millz explains that he suffered a seizure in his sleep that changed his outlook on life, saying:

“I had a f*cking seizure in my sleep. It was like the second time it happened in my life though. It’s not like I have a big history of seizures like every year or it’s something that triggers it, really it’s just stress man. Like I just had a bunch of sh*t on my mind, some sh*t had happened and kinda f*cked up some money and I’m just thinking about so much, I’m not relaxing…I laid down and woke up with ambulance at my crib. They had me admitted into the hospital.”

He then goes into a rant about how you could get hit by a bus if you don’t f*cks with him, but what I think what he’s really trying to say is that no one’s opinion of you is more important than your opinion of yourself.

“Due to the fact of that, that lets me know the Lord is on my side — so if you don’t f*ck with me, suck my d*ck and I hope your mother gets hit by a bus with an extender with the f*cking sh*t in the middle — matter of fact, I hope your mother gets hit by a New York City tour bus, the double decker red sh*t — if you don’t f*ck with me because I grind my n*gga.”


Its being reported that Rihanna’s upcoming “Last Girl On Earth” tour has sold out its August 12th NYC show at Madison Square Garden.

Nicki Minaj and singer Ke$ha were set to be the openers for Rihanna, but Nicki recently pulled out of the tour to finish her album. With or without Nicki, it looks like Rihanna’s gonna do just fine.  NY radio station Z100 broke the news saying: