Weekend News Wrap Up: Royce Denies Dissing Drake, Mos Def Getting Sued & New D12 Album?

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Drake just dropped the first single off his highly anticipated Thank Me Later, called Over.

Royce Da 5’9 beat everyone else to the chase and recorded the first post Drake version of the track, which you can listen to here.

But of course people are taking some lines out of context and interpreted it as a diss towards the young rapper.

Said lines are as follows:

“Nobody’s harder, he don’t give a f*ck what he slaughters, bag your sl*tty daughter, throw her in muddy waters, this beat is bank, get it out of me, I can sh*t it out of me, it’s ate, I think I owe Drake an apology. Tweet about that you little f**king fruit.”

Royce, however, addressed the haters quick and wrote via what else, but twitter:

“IAMYOUNGFAMOUS IF I SEE ONE-MORE-TWEET ABOUT @RoyceDaFive9 KILLIN THAT DRAKE BEAT!! I SWEAR IMA SMACK A #Twaggot!! ((HE DID SMASH IT THO: LOL)) #POW!! BDSosa @RoyceDaFive9 please tell the world you did not diss drake on your over freestyle..some are getting confused..p.s that sh*t was CRAZY! I wouldn’t diss Drake..”

“U lil fruits RT @KoolK3ith: @RoyceDaFive9 you scared youll get bodied by drake? =)<– uh huh Im not dissing Drake!!!!! U lilFruits!!”

Nothing else needs to be said, the tweets speak for themselves. Another twitter beef ended before it even began…U Lil Fruits


Always the originator, Mos Def, might not be the originator after all…

The MC is being sued by Turkish composer Selda Bagcan for sampling her track “Ince Ince Kar Yaar” on his track “Supermagic” from The Ecstatic.

Selda released a statement aimed at Mos saying:

“Your style is very effective. I expect you to respect the labor of others.”

She claims she had no idea that her work had been sampled until she she heard the song on TV, while watching the Grammy Awards.

According to the Hurriyet Daily News, the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism agreed that no permission was granted to use the sample and decided to issue a cease-and-desist letter. Bagcan also added a copyright suit, explaining how she slaved over those recordings and deserves to get paid if they are used in any way other than what she officially condones.

“My life was spent in court. My trials were meant to intimidate others. My close friend and the legendary name of Anatolian rock music, Cem Karaca, spent his life in exile just like Nazõm Hikmet. Turkey did not own its values, leaving them to loneliness.”

No word on Mos’ response to all these allegations, but this lady sounds pretty pissed, so I’m sure he’ll be willing to work something out…


Remember D12? Eminem’s rap group? Well if you do or you don’t the Dirty Dozen are making a comeback and according to D12 member Bizarre, they should be releasing an LP soon.

He recently announced the news via his twitter saying:

“d12 ablum coming soon!!! in the studio with marshall. royce 59. and d12. be looking for the single soon…..hear some of the bar exam 3. royce new mix tape.. its crazy!!”

Em also recently spoke on the reunion explaining that the crew would be back in the studio again. He says:

“Right now, my music would probably be the same if Proof was still alive. I think this is what Proof always wanted, was for me to go crazy again. My life would be different because I would still have him. Me and the guys, we got a bond, it’s special. It’s like, as far as the future of D12, we’re gonna be back in the studio soon.”

I’m not sure how well a D12 album will do in 2010, but Em has proven he can stand the test of time and if his name is attached, then it’s sure to sell.