Weekly News Wrap Up: Beanie Saved Kanye, Chris Brown Faces Judge & Birdman’s Oil Company Is Fake?

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A Roc-A-Fella insider recently came out and told a story from the vault about how back in the day Beanie actually saved Kanye from getting robbed.

They were recording over at the legendary Quad Studios in NYC, when they got a phone call from Kanye who was over at the Chelsea diner. Kanye let the crew know that some goons were trying to rob him and without question Beans and the whole Roc team was over there.

When they arrived Kanye had his chain tucked and wanted to leave, but Beanie insisted he take out his chain and finish his food. When the men confronted Kanye and company they just kept it moving when they saw Beans at the table.

Too bad Roc La Familia is over and everyone’s gone their separate ways, but there was still nothing like the Roc in the golden days. Check out the story for yourself.




Chris Brown is reportedly going to court today to face Judge Patricia Schnegg, who is questioning whether or not the community service he has been contributing is really hard labor.

Chris and his lawyer Mark Geragos are prepared however and have a list of services that he performed including his specialty, cleaning brush and garbage off the highway.

You may be Chris Brown, but at the end of the day you still beat up your popstar girlfriend and it’s not going away that easy.




As we previously reported, Birdman and his brother Ronald Williams had launched their own natural gas & oil company known as Bronald Oil. The brothers have supposedly been in the business for about 5 years, but reports are now surfacing that the company is being questioned and seems to be non-existent.

According to Bloomberg NY, Bronald Oil has no listed telephone numbers and the residences linked to the company don’t except incoming calls. Officials in the oil industry have also claimed that they have never heard of the company.

Bronald allegedly serves oil to Oklahoma, Florida and New Orleans, but oil officials in Oklahoma say they have never partnered with Bronald Oil, let alone heard of the company. The Oklahoma address for the corporation also turned out to be a beach front condo in Florida.

Wow Birdman. Fake oil companies? And you got props for trying to open up the game and expanding it the next level. Maybe it’s not true, but it all sounds a little funny now. For shame.