Weekly News Wrap Up: Diddy Apologizes For His Ciroc Vodka, Scott Storch’s Mom Unhappy & Weezy’s Getting Sued…Again?

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Diddy aka Sean Combs has issued a “formal” apology today to one of his fellow competitors. Yes, he has many of them, but the one in particular that he’s sending an apology to is Martin Silver, the man behind Georgi Vodka.
Apparently Diddy condemned any other Vodka other than his own Ciroc brand while in a NYC nightclub and Silver took extreme offense to the comment and reportedly filled a toilet bowl with bottles of Ciroc vodka and tried to deliver it to the hip-hop honcho’s midtown office.
Diddy, however issued an apology to Silver,  from where else, but his bubble bath, saying:
“Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you today as a man. I feel like only a true man steps up to the plate. And people may not agree with his position and that man says, ‘I’m sorry.’ I’m sorry to all I may have offended. We’re sorry for being the best… I am sorry that I came out with these flavors that taste so good — I am sorry that the competition sales are down and we’re up, there’s nothing I could do about that, nothing I can do about the way your vodka tastes. I am sorry that I am coming to you live from a bubble bath. I’m sorry. I’m not really sorry, this tastes good. Ciroc Vodka.

Wow. I guess when your a grown man and have that much money, it’s cool to argue over who’s product is better. Got to love the bubble bath apology though…




Famed, defamed and famed again producer, Scott Storch’s mother recently spoke out about her son and his lavish spending…just not on her.
His mother spoke with The Miami Times in a recent interview and spoke on her anger with her son for not taking care of her and his family. She complains about the lack of financial support from her son, saying:
Scott always told me he had plans to do certain things for the family,” she says. “But then I guess things got bad before he got around to it. I read about all these other rappers’ mothers — P. Diddy’s mother, Kanye West’s mother, Jay-Z’s mother. Their sons all took care of them.”

Then Yolanda worries, “If he reads this, he would be very angry at me. He’s not going to ever give me anything.”

So, exactly what would she like to see in print? She thinks and begins again:

“I think that maybe you should make sure your mother has her retirement taken care of before you buy another $2 million necklace for some hotel heiress. You don’t just have a miracle from God like that and then take all that money and throw it in the garbage pail.”
Damn, you should always make sure your moms is taken care of, but to be fair, family matters should always be kept in the family, not press publication for the world.

Weezy can’t seem to catch a break from the legal system. He’s already doing a bid up at Riker’s and has charges in a whole other state that’s probably going to lock him up too. Now the rapper’s being sued, again, this time by producer Jim Jonsin.
Jonsin is claiming that he’s owed $500,000 in unpaid royalties for Wayne’s hit “Lollipop”. He co-wrote the song and has not been paid the profits owed to him.
Jonsin appeared in a Manhattan federal courtroom yesterday, where he filed a formal lawsuit against Wayne and his Young Money imprint.
Court documents report that Jonsin aka Mark Schaffer is entitled to $500,000 out of the $4 million that was profited from the hit song.
No word from Weezy’s people yet on the suit, but i’m sure it will all get settled quickly. Wayne doesn’t need any more court dates to add to his list right now…


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