Weekly News Wrap Up: Flavor Flav In Multi-Car Crash, Snoop’s “More Malice” On The Way & Who’s The Rapper Of The Year?

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The best hypeman to come out of hip hop, Flavor Flav, was reportedly involved in a multi car crash earlier this week.

The incident happened this past Tuesday in Las Vegas. Cops were then called to the scene and apparently Flav suffered minor injuries only. He was riding in the passenger seat and there was no word on the condition of the driver.

No other details have been released at this time, but we’ll keep you updated with the latest.


Uncle Snoop has announced that he’ll be releasing a special edition of his latest Malice In Wonderland. The new repackaged album titled More Malice with feature 5 new tracks, 2 remixes, a deluxe version of the album as well as the Malice In Wonderland movie.

The first single off the new updated album will be the “I Wanna Rock Remix” which features Jay-Z.

The Malice In Wonderland 40 minute mini movie stars Snoop, Jamie Foxx, Xzibit and new cali MC Nipsey Hussle.

Snoop recently spoke on the new repackaged deluxe album saying:

“The response to Malice in Wonderland has been so incredible that I had to drop another banger for the fans. They have been asking for more- so I’m giving them More Malice! I also wanted everyone to get something special so we are adding a mini-movie to the mix- with me in the starring role. The homie Jamie Foxx came through to be a part of it as well- between the action and the storyline, people are in for a big surprise.”

The new album along with the mini movie is set to drop March 23rd, so make sure you support your favorite uncle and go cop that.


The classic Spin Magazine recently released their rapper of the year and it’s none other than October’s own Drizzy Drake.

Drake was announced the best rapper of 2009 with the release of his mixtape So Far Gone and all the buzz he’s generated in the business, Spin declared him the hottest MC in 2009.

In their January/February 2010 issue, Spin sits down with Drizzy about the honor he’s recieved and says:

“Being the new guy in the game is hard. People don’t want to accept the fact that there could be another artist on a Jay-Z level, on a Kanye level. No matter what I do on this album, no matter if I rap ten, 20, 30 times better than on So Far Gone, people are still gonna be like, ‘This isn’t as good as his last shit. We’re over it.’”

True, people in this business are extremely critical especially when it comes to new rappers, you might have one hot track that everyone loves, but when you drop your next one, people end up dropping you along with it.

Drake deserves his props though, he went from a child star on some weird Canadian show to being the rapper of the year by dropping one mixtape.

Congrats to Drizzy for now, but we’ll see if he lives up to the hype when Thank Me Later drops…